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Ancient Hawai'i History, Tribal Weaponry, Tiki Gods, Idols, Statues, Poles, Wood Carving, Canoe Carving, Navigating, Hawaiiana Collectables, Artifacts, Cpt. James Cook, Kapu System, Caste System, voyaging canoes, Geckos, Volcanoe Surfing, Akamai Kahuna Taboos, Images of Gods, Legends, Legendary Heros, Photos of Weaponry, Slings, Miltitary History, Kao, Kao Warriors, Masks, Kapu, Taboos, Pele, Ku, Kane, Kanoloa, Lono, Islands, Polynesia or Polynesians, Kahunas, or anything to do with ancient Hawai'i, Hawaiians or their weapons. You get the drift...


Hawai'i - NASA Photo
High Islands Ahead

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